J-PARC muon g-2/EDM experiment

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The J-PARC experience had an everlasting impact on my life.

Ce Zhang

School of Physics,
Peking University

Why did you choose this experiment as your research topic?

I decided to choose this experiment as the PhD research topic after two month experience as a summer student at KEK. During the stay, I felt the E34 was a very unique experiment. Unlike the collider experiment, this experiment utilizes wide-range of techniques not only in HEP, but also in other fields. In my research on the muon source development, we studied not only the properties of the muon beam, but also the fabrication of the aerogel material and the challenging laser system. So joining this experiment, one can learn the best technology in various fields, which is very attractive to me.

What makes you fun or challenging in your research life?

Working on the E34 collaboration gives me hands-on experience with all kinds of experts. I had a very cool accelerator beam-line set-up to carry out measurements to evaluate properties of laser-cooled muons. That was a lot of fun. And to witness my own design gradually into reality is also very satisfying.
Furthermore, I moved from KEK to J-PARC in preparation for my experiment. So I was able to experience the research/living environment in more than one institute. To know different places, meet different researchers and learn their expertise are also interesting to me.

How is the research life at J-PARC?

The J-PARC experience had an everlasting impact on my life. It is a unique place where researchers, students and engineers can meet in a very stimulating environment. At J-PARC, I experienced how the various big projects are organized, not only the construction of our experiment, but also other famous experiments like T2K. People around are very friendly. I also had the opportunity to see the passion they have for their work, which still continues to inspire me. If one needs support, there is a high chance that someone at J-PARC is working in that scope and would be very enthusiastic to help.